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This page is for those contemplating the creation and evolution dilemmas and hoping there is a better path. There may be many; Mary Daly's book Creator and Creation is one. This page also has links to Mary's Evolution Semi-Meiosis video, and a summary text of her talk "An Alternative to Darwin and Creationism" given in New Jersey. Supporting charts explain the Semi-mieotic Hypothesis, put forward by Dr. John Davison. Two of his publications are linked here.  
John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe's book, The Roots of Racism and Abortion shows how racism and abortion are directly related to a rigid Darwinism.
Here also, a response to common Catholic Creationist questions, including a detailed response to an unhappy attendee at the New Jersey conference, and a review and discussion of Gerard Keane's book Creation Rediscovered.

Genesis 1 - House of the Covenant is a way to start the younger students right on these important topics. Very simple text presenting the important ideas in that first chapter.

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Genesis Cover
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Evolution Mitosis
Evolution Semi-Meiosis
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Creator & Creation
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Creator & Creation Cover
    Basically, the two issues of creation and evolution are the heart of the secular attack on our faith.     There are other attacks, as you can see from the Tour of the Universe, [Link] but these two from astronomy and biology, are central. In both cases, the attack comes in the form of the ancient claim of Democritus — that the universe is composed of innumerable, infinitesimal parts, all accidentally interacting to compose the order and beauty we see, which, however, will pass like a watch in the night, and the primordial chaos will return.
    Not so! The ideas presented here are not merely personal; they are all professionally available, but not very well known.

Both a teaching text and a coloring book, Genesis 1: House of the Covenant was composed to help you introduce middle school and younger children to Genesis 1 with clarity, including a clear eye on the findings of the natural sciences, and with faith — so you don't have to revise your presentation later. It is based on the thought of Fr. Stanley Jaki. 
Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Billion.
30 Pgs

This book allows another choice to the Creationism - Darwinism dilemma. 
The Catholic Church has wisely refrained from endorsing any particular scientific theory about these matters, but She does teach the unity of truth, and that is the emphasis here.

This book carries a Nihil Obstate and an Imprimatur which means it has nothing contrary to Catholic teaching.
117 pgs
The debate over abortion has bogged down. In general, people talk past each other, with little or no understanding of each other. This is not necessary, and The Roots of Racism and Abortion is an invitation to a new debate.

This book shows what the debate is really all about, so that people can stop wasting time repeating slogans. Readers on both sides of the controversy will read the book with interest. 
232 Pgs

John Davison, Professor of Zoology at the University of Vermont, proposed an alternative to the Darwinian concept of evolution. Since he accepted the reality of evolution, it should have seemed innocent enough to propose a mechanism, but he lost his job over it. It's well worth knowing! 

Evolution Semi-Meiosis
Mitosis Diagram
Evolution Meiosis
Semi-Meiosis Diagram
Blind Alley
Evolution Manifesto
Keane Rebuttal
Review Creation Rediscovered
Blind Alley
Creator & Creation
Roots of Racism & Abortion
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