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The belief that God made the world and that we are His sons gives us confidence not only that we can know Him, but that we can know the universe of His making...

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Universe Tour - (6A)
Universe Tour (6A)
History Video
Science Magnitude Anchor #1
255 Pgs 
Book - $15
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Natural Sciences-(6B)
Natural Sciences - (6B)
49 indivdual Tabs
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Science Links
Science Magnitude Anchor #1
History Page

Geology Page Anchor  #1
Tabs - Dividers
Science Magnitudes Anchor #1
Bundle Book + Tabs
UMH + Tabs - Shopping Cart
Science C&E Page Anchor #4
30 Pgs
Genesis - Shopping Cart
200 Pgs  $35
Doorway of Amethyst - Shopping Cart
1000 Yrs - Shopping Cart
136 Pgs
Copernicus & Galileo - Shopping Cart
85 Pgs
Copernicus - Galileo - Shopping Cart
Universe in My Hands + Tab Dividers
These books provide more information on basic topics of creation and of history.

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Hedge School
Hedge School
Intro to 1000 Years
Geologic Column
Geologic Column
Evolution Semi-Meiosis
Science C&E Roots Page Anchor #4
232 Pgs 
Creationism brings derision upon Christian believers. Geology is essential for understanding the Earth. 
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Magnitude - Organizing principle of the natural sciences
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Science Chemistry Anchor
Book & Chart 
Chemistry & Chart - Shopping Cart
Science Chemistry Anchor
Chemistry 001 with special element chart
Introducing the Periodic Kingdom to its heirs. 

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Creator & Creation - Shopping Cart
117 Pgs 
C&E page Anchor #1
1000 Years of 
Catholic Scientists
 & Galileo
Genesis Coloring 
The Roots of 
Racism & Abortion
Geology - A Doorway
 of Amethyst
& Creation
Anchor  #1   Anchor  #2   Anchor  #3   Anchor  #3   Anchor  #4  Anchor  #5
Natural Sciences in the Culture of Life
Two basic dimensions of work:
1)  Discovery (knowing) and 
2)  Invention (having dominion over the earth.)
Thus an opportunity for curiosity 
        and for service.
    Magnitude is the organizing principle, since measure is characteristic of this science. We see seven fields plus the history of the natural sciences.

... in the anti-culture
constructs and alchemy
   power over nature 
      and thus power over other people
Presented in the anti-culture so as to attack the value of the human person, as the destroyer of ecology.
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