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Geology Implies Age
   The deep vulnerability of the common creationist world-view is the great age of the earth and of the universe. Certain arguments for the earth's great age have always been around and even St. Augustine knew of them. 
    Unfortunately, a high school curriculum focused on biology, chemistry, and physics does not give an adequately comprehensive introduction to geology. It is important to address so that religious believers do not say foolish things about creation.
    Besides, age is its own catechism.

Doorway of Amethyst is Mary Daly's 200 page full-color, Catholic Christian introduction to geology. It is designed to be used for one semester to learn the basics of geology, that is, the common rock types and land forms: their formation, their changes during mountain-building and plate movements, their erosion, and so forth. The text includes teacher support in the form of questions (answers in the back), crossword puzzles (solutions given), and some research suggestions.
200 Pgs

    What is the Geologic Column? And where can we find a complete picture? There are at least 25 places around the world, and the Grand Canyon is not one of them, but the Williston Basin as described in chapter 11 of The Doorway of Amethyst is. 
​    But what column is this? 
    Imagine a great pillar of the Earth’s crust,
made by boring straight down from the topsoil
into the mantle. As you examine this pillar
from top to bottom, you see horizontal sections of different kinds of rock, some very fine, others coarse-grained or fossiliferous. Each section is a sample of the sediments of an era.
    An introduction to geology (e.g., the first ten chapters above) will make easier reading of this unique chapter from the geology book. It is very important because you will then understand why geologists are fully persuaded that the earth has quite an age.  |Link|

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Geologic Column reviews the Williston Basin from Chapter 11 of Doorway of Amethyst. 

Williston Basin
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The Resource List has several links to outside information.  For the time being, B&W images referred to in the text are accessible from the links below.

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Songs of Zoic Times
    At some point, a clear understanding of geology and an ability to read geological information means knowing the list of major geologic eras. 
    This verse lists the eras with one or two signature events for each era. It will help you keep the story straight.
    Always remember: 
        Fishes became bony in 
        the Devonian.
​   Have a good time. And yes, I do know that herbaceous refers to botany, but as Pooh would say, the word wanted to get into my verse, and I let it.