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​Mary has published YouTubes about the ten disciplines proposed in the Culture of Life essay. These videos are listed below along with supplemental videos exploring details in some of these disciplines. These are very simple presentations, with some Q and A, to provide a further introduction to the Culture of Life. 
The math/science combination invites reflection on the availability of truth; the civics/history combination reflects upon goodness; of course art and music concern themselves with beauty.

Art - YouTube
Geologic Column
Evolution - Semi Meiosis
Theology, Philosophy, and Psychology address our foundational beliefs in a fatherly creator, in the availability of truth and knowledge, and in the nature and dignity of the human person.
Catechesis & Meditation - YouTube
Psychology - YouTube
Philosophy - YouTube
​Civics is the study of how men may live together to support or diminish mutual goodness; history is the record of lives together and their cultural ups and downs. 
​Literature includes all the disciplines of speaking and writing that allow culture to be shared across time and space.
​Mathematics is the science of order, number, and pattern; the natural sciences apply math to the world of measurable things. The universe tour presents the magnitudes of things; the natural sciences considers the major issues in these disciplines. 
Beauty, alone among the transcendentals, concerns itself primarily with objects, works of art and music, touching our senses.
​The Geologic Column, speaking eloquently of great age, invites consideration of evolution, concerning which Semi-Meiosis is an important hypothesis.
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