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​My own blogs on Wordpress:
My blogs are not very active these days, but they have some helpful information.

marydaly.wordpress.com, is a science blog, born while I was teaching science. You can learn about Earth Rings, some history of science, a bit of cosmology, and some archives from a course on weather. There is also a children's story, Corey's Bowwritten in 12 installments to explain the Coriolis Effect. 

megonfire.wordpress.com is a motherhood blog, with some things that come up for us and some reflections on motherhood.

Various Sites

Love2Learn.net is a site where some Catholic reviewers have put together favorite resources over the years. 

Ana Braga-Henebry's Journal
A faithful chronicle of a homeschool mother, artist, and gracious neighbor. Inspirational for any home educator.

The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, has interesting thoughts about all kinds of things you need to think deeply about.

​Economy of Communion is Focolare's website for their economic outreach, the Economy of Communion. Catholic thinking about economics is being put into practice in a very disciplined and orderly way by this lay association of the faithful. 

Carl Schmitt, the luminous artist of the 20th century Catholic renaissance welcomes you to his thought and his painting. Well, his grandchildren welcome you.  


Book Shops 
General and homeschool

Adoremus Books has served the Catholic homeschool community for many happy years.

Eighth Day Books 
The "eighth day" is the day when Jesus rose from the dead and began a new creation. This is your source for classics, including patristics, spirituality, and eastern as well as western Catholic traditions. 

Emmanuel Books
One of the very first homeschool book sellers, Emmanuel Books is entering its second generation. History, science, faith, hands-on learning, lesson plans... everything. They also carry e-books. 

Ignatius Press 
Catholic books and videos, for all ages. 

Loome Theological Booksellers
When priests die, where do you suppose their books go? When priests are young and want good reading, where do they find the best second-hand books? You can go there too!

This history website was composed by converts who understood the role of history education in Catholics self-understanding. All kinds of history resources: saints' lives, timelines, history books, history of science and art. 

Sacred Heart Books and Gifts has a variety of books and gifts for the Catholic community.

Sophia Institute, a publisher as well as a bookseller, has taken it upon themselves to keep some wonderful things in print, and are my reliable source for Dietrich von Hildebrand's work, among other things.

Natural Science Resources

APOD  Astronomy Picture of the Day is a free service that sends a sky photo to your personal e-mail every day with an explanation of the astronomy involved. 

Sky & Telescope Magazine is the best amateur astronomy magazine. Monthly information about what's up there in the sky, and how to find it. If you want to buy a telescope, their advertisers are the ones who have it.
    Of course the publication is online as well.

Space Weather
    This is the site for sunspot counts, solar wind speed (currently 492.3 km/sec, not your average earth wind, even in the jet stream), photos of ELVES, and a place to sign up for a phone call in case of an aurora. 

The Cloud Appreciation Society gives you a chance to learn everything about clouds from people who love them. You can join the society, purchase calendars, pajamas and recordings of rainfall, or just browse the most amazing cloud photos in the world. (Yes, the world; Australia, Japan...) So beautiful!
    If you like Constable, there is an essay about his Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.
    Or you might look for "A storm system over Sandown Bay, Isle of Wight." © Rachel Ruszczyk.
    So beautiful!

Animation of Jet Stream Forecasts for North America allows you to see where the jet stream is today, and where it has been the last few days. Fascinating, all these animal forms, mostly otters and ferrets sliding across the globe.  

Watts Up With That is Anthony Watt's website about everything related to global warming. It is the internet's most viewed site on the topic of global warming and climate. Since his specialty is presentation, he makes his thoughts very clear. Sometimes technical; always interesting.

Botany in a Day is my favorite Botany book, and here is a video from the author.

​Physics 2000 is a beautiful and clear website on physics. It says it is a college course. I wish I had ever had a course with so many engaging clips. 

Hedge School
Hedge School
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New Advent is the name Kevin Knight has given to the site that hosts the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia, a full encyclopedia that was composed to respond to the anti-Catholicism of the E. Britannica. 
    His opening page has a small collection of news articles, with the alphabet for the encyclopedia above. Links also take you to the Bible, Summa, encyclicals and other things Catholic.