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General Science that is not general
    A General Sciences course can seem like a random collection of "science topics that somebody thinks you should know." What we want is a course that is a general introduction to the measurable universe, because that is the topic of the sciences. This could be done in terms of pattern, or possibly in terms of history, but the history of science is not clear until you know some science. 
    Magnitudes provide a way of introducing all the disciplines in relation to each other. It's like having a history timeline. Once you see how it works, how could you not use it

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The Universe in My Hands

The Universe in my Hands is a general science course in which the elements of the material universe are ordered by size and the student is introduced to the disciplines of the science as a function of their sizes. It is an unexpected match, and it makes the universe orderly, puts it in your hands, as it were.

Tabbed Powers of Ten Dividers may be used with the Universe in My Hands book

It's a big universe, and it's easy to lose track of so many moving parts. Dividers keyed by colors for the disciplines and numbers for the orders of magnitude will help you stay aware of your size and its relationship to the sizes of other things in the universe. 
-- Due to printing costs we have been forced to increase costs for the Tab Dividers. 

Hedge School
Hedge School
Universe Tour (6A)
Natural Sciences-(6B)
Natural Sciences - (6B)
Universe Tour - (6A)
Discussion of Universe Tour
This is a quick tour of the orders of magnitude. It goes by very quickly! But it will help you see what the magnitude approach is all about. 

Discussion of Natural Sciences YouTube
In this tour, we see the specific challenges to faith in the secular presentation of each of the sciences.

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