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Our Mission 
     Many families feel the need to take their children's education into their own hands. The most daunting aspect of this responsibility is the question of how to compose a curriculum.
    Hedge School is here to serve such families, with a comprehensive reflection on a unified curriculum, with resources and references. We do not provide a complete curriculum; everyone is working on that. But we have sought to compose some of the most conspicuously missing parts, — the first book on sentence diagramming, a variety of pieces in the sciences, the only one on medieval history for late middle school, and the only Catholic psychology text for high school.

    In Ireland, during the days of the Penal laws, it was illegal, not only to teach Catholic catechism, but to teach math or history to a Catholic.     Nevertheless, my great, great, grandfather arrived in America, well educated from the "Hedge Schools" where education was secretly maintained during those years. 

 What's new...?
 What is curriculum? How do you compose a curriculum? 
Let us help you answer this most important question.
An Essay on a Curriculum for the Culture of Life 

    This essay reflects on how to build a curriculum which reflects and nurtures the culture of life which is, in turn, based upon the principle of the Incarnation. The total essay is for sale, with an accompanying chart, but most of it is found in parts attached to the individual field pages on the site. It is the foundation of the whole enterprise.

    Our faith in the Incarnation leads us to believe that God means to give substance and life to the whole of human culture. Therefore we ask ourselves: What is Catholic education? For we know that a vigorous Catholic culture can arise only in proportion to our wisdom in answering that question.
    Catholic education is the comprehensive system of interior formation which is ordered throughout by the concept and confidence in the Incarnation. The mystery of the Incarnation itself rests on an orderly sense of Creation and the confidence it gives is sustained in the face of sin by faith in the mystery of the Cross of Jesus.

Education for the culture of life:

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New in 2016-2017

A new version of 1000 Years of Catholic Scientists is ready. More scientists, more pictures, introductory pieces for each century. People whose names begin with 'L' and were inadvertently left out before!

New No Boring Numbers. |Link|

New Jude's Dots: Seeing Number|Link|

New Magnitude Tabs are available. [Link]

The Psychology Handbook is new and the best — must be, since it's the only... [Link]

New Medieval History Book is ready. [Link]

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