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   Perhaps the most unifying of all disciplines, though all are cross linked: music is the union of the harmony in sound, perfection in mathematics, poetry in language, and beauty in the physical human voice, which was made for the expression of spiritual love. 
   A spiritually inspired (and theologically accurate) hymn to the Creator partakes of even greater unities. Alfred Tomatis has discovered that Gregorian Chant is healing to the auditory system.
     Choral singing may even contribute to civics!
    But a music that gives a strong beat without moving the heart counters the development of harmony within the soul. And the combination of a beat and lyrics that awaken sexual consciousness in a non-spiritual manner is damaging to spiritual growth.

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Music YouTube
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Music in the Culture of Life 
        is beauty of sound
    is a harmony of note and intensity
        promoting harmony of thought
            as well as harmony of memory.

​... in the anti-culture, it is
​noise, beat, passion, 
    disinhibition of measure and 
        dissipation of grace
Hedge School
Hedge School
    Classical music is a mathematical fantasy, – particular wavelengths of sound, particularly shaped by bells, tubes and strings, particularly timed, and well-developed for the service of the human soul. Historically (and implicitly) music began in the service of the human voice and for the expression of spiritual values, especially worship and love. 
    Music does not begin with gongs and tympani, or with roaring, but with lullabies. Sounds that are not within range of the human voice are always experi- enced as uncanny and often as threatening. On the other hand, even remembered or imagined speech, or the intuitive undercurrent of loving speech, may do powerful things within the heart of man; music develops this. 
    Like no other discipline, music is an extraordinary union of body, soul, and spirit...

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