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        Who wants to read about music? Go play some. The most important musical instrument is the human voice. The first rule of voice is never attend a ball game if it means you have to cheer.
        The primary purpose the human voice is to express spiritual love. Any sound that is alien to the human voice or any tone that would be used to express hatred is likely to damage both your voice and your ears.
Music Matters

Shinichi Suzuki
Nurtured by Love 
        Suzuki wrote this book about "talent education." As you can see from the title, it is about the principle of the matter, about leading our children to excellence from the cradle. 
        Of course his music books for piano and other instruments have rightly changed the face of music education.  

Sollier, Pierre 
Listening for Wellness
        Here is why you should listen to music, and how it can affect your whole body. Alfred Tomatis did considerable research on this topic; he's the one who said that babies benefit from hearing Mozart. But there was much more to it than that; Sollier explains the basics of Tomatis' work. Part V is "The Psychological Ear," and Part VI is "The Spiritual Ear."

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Jerlene Cannon
Diamond in the Sky
        This small and lovely  biography of Suzuki is full of surprises. Gounod's Ave Maria made him say, "I want to make that sound." And Einstein helped him with his education. 

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