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Philosophy: the Culture of Life 
Truth can be known
 Truth should be sought as coherence with reality 
    A seeker desires an answer

Constructivism: building the anti-culture
“The question matters more than the answer”
   Paralleling — and building upon — the stupendous confidence we have when we believe that the creator of all things is Our Father, is a philosophy which seeks truth, plain and simple, and expects, perhaps little by little, to find it.    By truth, we mean a correspondence between reality itself and the mind’s understanding of reality. 
   Furthermore, because our minds are made in the image of the Creator’s Mind, and because He calls us to sonship and gives us His indwelling Spirit, believers are certain that our minds can find the truth: if not the whole truth immediately, at least an ever-increasing measure of it, through all our honest investigations. 
   Therefore, Christians love philosophy – the word means love of wisdom – and freely use the great gift of reason, even using thought systems such as Aristotelian logic, which were first developed among pagans. 

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   The essay on curriculum is a philosophical work.
   Philosophy has been well-covered in the ongoing cultural renewal and there are many wonderful resources. Remember that logic contributes an essential support to the power to think clearly, without which seeking wisdom is hardly possible. And underlying logic is the study of grammar and especially syntax without which complex thought is impossible!
    Such realities are why the elements of curriculum are fully interdependent and fully interwoven.