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Part 1 - Catechesis & Meditation  
20 m Lecture / 42 m total
Part 2 - Philosophy
30 m Lecture / 59 m Total
Part 8 - History
58 m Lecture / 58 m Total
Part 3 - Psychology
50 m Lecture / 56 m Total
Part 4 - Literature
46 m Lecture / 46 m Total
Part 5 - Math
36 m Lecture / 50 m Total
Part 6 (A) - Universe Tour
36 m Lecture / 36 m Total
Part 6 (B) - The Natural Sciences
54 m Lecture / 54 m Total
Part 7 - Civics
55 m Lecture / 55 m Total
Part 9 - Beauty & Art
40 m Lecture / 52 m Total
Part 10 - Music
23 m Lecture / 31 m Total
History Page
History Page
Evolution- The Geologic Column 
56 m Lecture / 56 m Total

Geologic Column - Chapter 11 of The Doorway of Amethyst. Here a description of the geologic history implied in the sedimentary rock forms in the Williston Basin provides an introduction to the geologic eras, including those with distinct worldwide signatures.
Evolution - Semi Meiosis
41 m Lecture / 55 m Total

This video is about Evolution, including evidence for vertebrate evolution which is also evidence for evolution by law. The semi-meiotic hypothesis of John Davison is presented as well as answers to various questions about the significance of Darwinism and its errors.
Videos for the Culture of Life
    These videos were first offered to a local group of mothers in a very informal setting. They are very simple, just trying in one more way to offer an orientation to the concept of a landscape approach to curriculu-building. 
    Curriculum is really about culture itself, and only about "school" because school is about bringing our children into the cultural world they will inhabit and share. 
Part 0 - Culture of Life Concept
TBD This video is under construction
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These videos were made, again rather informally,  in a classroom setting in the educational cooperative of St. Margaret's Fellowship.