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Even the public schools are saying we need to re-think education for the needs of a changing world. The problem, however, is to discover on what principles we will re-think things. In the world as it now stands, without a view of God and without the principle that man has an absolute dignity based on his relationship with God, pragmatism will win. This means math serves physics, not the person; civics is power over the historical narrative and over other men. Etc. 
An Essay on the Curriculum for the Culture of Life [Link]   

Our faith in the Incarnation leads us to believe that God means to give substance and life to the whole of human culture. Therefore we ask ourselves: What is Catholic education? For we know that a vigorous Catholic culture can arise only in proportion to our wisdom in answering that question.
    Catholic education is the comprehensive system of interior formation which is ordered throughout by the concept and confidence in the Incarnation. The mystery of the Incarnation itself rests on an orderly sense of Creation and the confidence it gives is sustained in the face of sin by faith in the mystery of the Cross of Jesus.
    The introduction to the foundational essay is also linked above and on the culture of life home page.

Educational Philosophy [Link]
   After speaking of the Incarnation, we speak very briefly of the ten disciplines that form the spine of a comprehensive curriculum for the intellectual formation of the human person. Linked above as well.

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Education through High School
    The challenge of homeschooling is different through high school, and many abandon the project at this time. There can be many reasons to do so, but there are also good reasons to stay home. Be sure to think it through; here are some ideas to consider.

On the science page
    Note: There is also a specific proposal for science education through high school, even from late middle school (junior high) through high school.