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        There are two (or three) sides to art:

1.  There is the doing of it, the drawing, sculpting, painting, the handwork -- and everyone loves to acquire a little competence.

2.  There's the enjoyment of other artists: sometimes we need help with that.

3.  Besides that, there's thinking about beauty.

George Bridgman
 The Book of a Hundred Hands 
(Dover Anatomy for Artists) 
          This is specifically for hands, the most complex body part, some say. Anyway, a different kind of doodle. Such books help you to see, as well as to draw.

Mona Brookes
Drawing with Children: A Creative Method for Adult Beginners, Too
by Mona Brookes
        Lots of us can't draw and don't know where to start. This is such a good place. It's not about doing the impossible, or having a rare talent, but about seeing a new way.

​Betty Edwards
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
        Again, here is a different approach to drawing because it is a different approach to seeing. Not a children's text, like Mona's above, but a helpful one. You can learn from this.

Gary Faigin 
    The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expressions
        Though admittedly beyond the average ambition, this book does help you to understand faces, and the muscles behind particular facial expressions. It's really almost more of a psychology book.

Ernest R. Norling
Perspective Made Easy (Dover Art Instruction) 
        This text is very simple, and you do can learn to use perspective. Another game changer. You can learn the rules and enjoy drawing.


Weidmann, Jake
This Master Penman has several intriguing YouTubes that will challenge you to rethink the cultural rejection of handwriting. He is an artist, but with an unusual combination of craft, research, and visual beauty. 

Rodgers, Vimala
Your Handwriting Can Change Your Life.
In this book, Vimala Rodgers gives a sense of the extent to which the brain and hand are connected, such that our writing comes from a much deeper part of ourselves than merely our (sometimes incompetent) hands. Very interesting, and will change how you view handwriting. Writing is an important part of language, not only because it is written language, but because your language centers are close to your hand map in the brain, and there is a direct connection with language development.

 Art Links
Art Philosophy & Appreciation

Schmitt, Carl
The Vision of Beauty
    Carl Schmitt belonged to the Catholic renaissance of the early 20th century. This book is both his very profound art and his thoughts about beauty and about the soul and responsibility of the artist. 
    This is not the ancient history of art! But it is how a Catholic artist perceives himself as having a vocation. Truly wonderful in word and image. 

John Saward
The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty 
    Arguing directly against the prevailing notion that goodness and holiness are completely distinct from the other transcendentals, particularly from aesthetics, John Sawyer argues that holiness is a feature of beauty and vice versa.
    Actually, a philosophy and theology of beauty.

Beautiful Books   

Schulevitz, Uri
  Dawn A beautifully illustrated dawn by the lake.
  Rain Almost a poem, beautifully illustrated.

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