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Psychology for the Culture of Life.
The word psychology means the study of the
soul. It is the foundational awkwardness of the new barbarian that he seeks to study psychology without believing in the soul. Therefore he seeks to interpret all the traditionally-considered powers of the soul
either as highly-developed (perhaps over-developed) animal functions, or as the output of advanced computer functions accidentally (but “fitly”) grafted onto a biochemical system.

Psychology Essay Links
History Page
Cursing Cursive
    A brief essay on the topic of the new assessments which have such strange questions. What could they mean? We only have sample questions, including this one about cursive writing, but what are they really all about?
    Keep in mind that, for all the curricular freedom we have, (there is no mandated textbook), assessments are what drive curriculum because people want to get good scores and look good. But if we don't see the questions, how do we really interpret the scores? Think about it.
    The way to do well on the assessments is to adopt the assessment-aligned texts. 
    Anyway, some thoughts. |Link|

Hedge School
Hedge School
Harry Stack Sullivan
    A short biography of Sullivan and a description of his work and his significance as founder of the school of Interpersonal Psychiatry. Based on the biographies by Perry and Barton and personal conversation with members of a 1980's 1990's Maryland discussion group including a disciple of his. |Link|

Sexuality and Faithfulness
    This brief essay is a response to some of the issues raised in a "Day of Study" at the Gregorian in May of 2016. |Link| 

Panksepp's Seven Emotions
    Jaak Panksepp, a researcher in psychology, has found seven specific activation paths in the brain, corresponding to seven different human emotions. It is an important contribution to an objective understanding of emotion, which is not well-understood in psychology. Behavioral psychology is narrowly focused on "behaviors" that can be counted and assessed for intensity, but it remains very subjective. 
    This work opens some different doors.   |Link|

Pornography and the Spirit of a Man
   This essay was composed in the context of obtaining a Master's Degree in Psychology. 
   A reflection on the evidence for an addictive element in pornography viewing is offered, and a few of the implications for a man's (or a woman's) spiritual life are described.  |Link|
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