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Theology, religious devotion, life of Christ

These essays cover a variety of topics in theology, religious devotion, and the life of Christ, sometimes with a bit of philosophy and theology. Some touch areas that have long troubled me, and when I felt I had a useful answer, I wanted to share it. 

Theology - Culture of Life

This essay is excerpted from the Theology section of the booklet Culture of Life.


Why do I believe? Everyone has a different line of reasoning. This is mine.

Faith, Hope & Love

Did you ever consider that faith, hope, and love might be aligned with the transcendentals, truth, beauty, and goodness?

Gifts of the Spirit

The seven gifts of the spirit can be considered as seven ways that God works in the three powers of the soul, individually and in combinations.

Sin Against the Spirit

What can it mean that there is a sin that is not forgiven? In the infinite mercy of God, how could that be? It is a severe teaching! A reflection on one particular sin.


The second theological virtue has a special relationship with beauty.

Making Pancakes

How could anyone be unable to make pancakes — at any rate, from a mix? We underestimate our assumptions! There can be a smart person who cannot do this, and in every form of knowledge, there are people who don't share our assumptions, our experiences, the things we naturally bring to our endeavors. Something to remember.
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Hedge School
Hedge School
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Stations of the CrossChildren's Corner

Wedding at Cana

Many people have a hard time with the way Jesus speaks to his mother at Cana. I think that the exchange is about an uncertainty because she knew that there would come a time in his public life when she must ask for nothing. But it had not yet come.
    This is the place where we pray for couples that their wine may not run out, or that they will ask Mary's help if it seems to have run short.

Stations of the Cross

Jesus is with us in all our sufferings. 
Each journey is unique. This Stations emphasized how Jesus draws near to us in various kinds of suffering, so we will not feel alone.


Children's Corner

Be sure to find the Bible Ballad|Link|

The Seven and the Ten
The seven sacraments and the ten commandments, of course! A children's mnemonic to learn these basic elements of our catechism.  

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History Page
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