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1000 Years of Catholic Scientists has been expanded and revised!

A new Psychology book, suitable for high school, has been printed and is available! Psychology Handbook for a Windy World. It's about 258 pages of text plus a detailed table of contents and a beautiful index. 

A Curriculum for the Culture of Life  This print edition remains available, as also the laminated chart.

A Doorway of Amethyst  in full color, provides an introduction to geology -- to the basic types of stone, their origins and changes, and the basic types of erosion, as well as the history of earth in terms of its geologic eras, and more.

One unique feature is a discussion of the Williston Basin, where drilling has turned up representative sediments from each of the major geologic eras, in their standard order. It makes a nice review and explains why geologists find it difficult to imagine how Noah's Flood could have produced the sedimentary rock formations of the world. Whatever you believe about Creation or the Flood, you need to understand this.

Like the Irish under the Penal laws, who educated their children in caves and behind hedges to escape the imposition of anti-Catholic priorities in education, many families feel the need to take their children's education into their own hands. 
Ye Hedge School is here to serve such teachers. Please go to the site map for a complete listing of essays, booklists, and books for sale.

A Curriculum for the Culture of Life is being presented on YouTube, in ten parts, over the year from September 2014 to June 2015.  

Here are some of the resources available, but go to the site map for a more complete listing.

Faith Formation     
Bible Ballad books of the Bible listed in verse
The Stations of the Cross, a meditation.

A (Catholic) Curriculum For The Culture of Life: Text and chart. There is a YouTube series. Look for Mary O. Daly, Culture of Life. 

Genesis 1 House of the Covenant is a children's coloring book and introduction to the creation story. It is faithful;  it is not creationist, and not Darwinian either. 

Psychology               ____________  
Psychology Handbook for a Windy World is new this spring. Introductory cost, $27.

Psychology books I like
Sullivan gets his own page

First Whole Book of Diagrams 
and the Elementary Diagramming Worktext
Two well-known resources for English diagramming
Into Deep Eternity: introducing Emily Dickinson
Tribute to GM Hopkins, (nothing for sale, a verse)
Shakespeare page
What is Poetry? An essay for you
Books I like

Note the new blog. This is a blog about various scientific matters, originally weather and the history of science, but other topics as they come up.

... for sale                               
A Doorway of Amethyst  In full color provides a middle school or junior high introduction to geology.
Creator and Creation is an extended effort to expose the equal though opposite errors of literalist creationism and Darwinian naturalism.
Faith, Science and Reason: (No longer stocked by Hedge school.) Theology on the cutting edge. Written by Dr. Christopher Baglow and published by Midwest Theological Forum. It is a great 293 page hardback text that delivers what is promised in the title.
The Universe in My Hands, a general science program intended to put th universe into the hands of the children; based on powers of ten.
1000 Years of Catholic Scientists  Revised and Expanded April 2016 to clarify the positive relationship between good religion and good science
The Galileo page has a book on Copernicus and Galileo plus other stuff.
See Genesis 1 House of the Covenant for a non-creationist introduction to creation.
Chemistry 001  Chemistry for middle school or so. One image for each element, and lots of intersting anecdotes.

The Galileist page explains what a Galileist is and why that is what I call myself.

Evolution is covered in the New Jersey conference page.

Expelled! I enjoyed it; links tell why

The Pigeon Page responds to creationist ideas

The Keane Page is a discussion of Mr. Keane's creationist book, Creation Rediscovered My review, and my response to his rebuttal of my review.

Essay on a classical approach to natural science. This is an essay, nothing for sale.

Science books I like
Math books I like

First Timeline  History for the little ones
History Books I like 

Who I am                                      
Mary Daly's Bio --and her non-bio. 
And here is the reason for her calling her work:  Hedge School 

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If this is the first you ever heard of Hedge Schools, you might enjoy the Irish Hedge Schools page, with some links to Irish websites, one with an old hedge school in the bushes.

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"A Doorway of Amethyst" has been reprinted as of June 30, 2016