Creator and Creation (Revision 3)
What do you say to your creationist friends?  What do you think when they insist that you join them in defending the Bible by defending its first chapter as a science text?  Is there really good scientific evidence for creationism?
What do you say to your scientific friends?  Is belief in God reasonable?  Is belief in Genesis reasonable?
And what about Noah? Was there ever a flood that really changed human history as a whole?
The Catholic Church has wisely refrained from endorsing any particular scientific theory about these matters.  At the same time, Her love of truth has made the Church the natural home of good scientists all through history...  including astronomers, who find the universe so old...  including geologists who find the earth so old.
This resource addresses the creationist cosmology from a unified doctrinal, scriptural, scientific and philosophical perspective.  It is designed to invite Catholics to be the good scientists that they have been throughout history, with no fear for the honest conclusions of secular science. It has received a Nihil Obstat from the Diocesan Censor of the Sioux Falls Diocese of South Dakota.
The updated version includes an essay on the Black Sea Flood. Let me say that I have seen several claims about floods that might have been "Noah's flood" and this is the first which really seems persuasive on many levels. It is very exciting. 

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See review of Gerard Keane's book: Creation Rediscovered

1000 Years of Catholic Scientists 
Newly revised and expanded - April of 2016

Did someone say that good Catholics can't be good scientists?  Never have been, never will be?
Have they heard of Pasteur?  Of Lavoisier?  Of the Ampere whose name is abbreviated on most of the electrical appliances in your house?
Using the Catholic Encyclopedia, now on line, along with her personal background in science and a network of other resources, Jane Meyerhofer has composed this list of nearly 200 eminent Catholic scientists since the tenth century.  Find them in every century, in every field of endeavor.  
In the new edition, scientists are listed chronologically, with an alphabetic index. This is much easier to use, and -- though it is intended as a reference book, the list actually makes a very interesting read, straight through. 
Mrs. Meyerhofer is a homeschooling Mother of four and did all this between the peanut butter and lullabies.   It is a great work of intelligent love. 

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Copernicus, Galileo, and the Catholic Sponsorship of Science  by Jane Meyerhofer

A carefully researched account of the intertwined stories of Copernicus and Galileo, this booklet will give you the essentials of a very confusing period in history, an unusual combination of history, intrigue, hermeneutics, and science.  

Jane Meyerhofer, author of 1000 Years of Catholic Scientists is amply qualified to tackle this difficult subject.  She has a BA from Rice University and an MA from the University of Washington in Seattle, both degrees in geology.  Of course the scientific topic of the Galileo controversy is astronomy, but the background of physics is there.  Jane Meyerhofer is a faithfu Catholic with four homeschooled children.

60 pages  $15 

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The Roots of Racism and Abortion:
An exploration of Eugenics 
This is now posted online at:

by John Cavanaugh-O'Keefe
First: know your enemy.  A full curriculum on eugenics is now available. Eugenics is the study of how to improve the human race by making sure that handicapped or less than something-or-other humans are not born.  This is the big picture; abortion is the tip of the iceberg.  

137 pages, formatted for discussion group use$30

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or posted online.

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Science, Creation, Respect for Human Life:
the triad that is a single issue
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